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What is shamanism. Tumi

What is Shamanism

Shamanism is our oldest spiritual practice. It dates back at least 40,000 years, and is probably much older still. It has been practised by all human cultures. What is amazing is that although shamanic communities are scattered across the four corners of the earth, there is a remarkable consistency of belief and practices between them.

When we lived with shamanism at the heart of our spirituality, any problem, imbalance, injury, etc would be very quickly taken care of so issues would not linger within, or get passed on to offspring, or shared amongst our communities. Instead, a sick or injured person would go and seek the shaman to deal with the imbalances and bring about a return to health, with no lasting damage.

Shamans work with spirits of the land, trees, animals and stones - as well as from other galaxies to bring healing.

A shaman will move their consciousness into an altered state by use of the drum-beat and from there, access the information that the client most needs at that moment. A shaman communicates with spirits of the lands, the trees, animals, stones - as well as beings from other galaxies to bring about such healing.

Sometimes, the benefits of the healing will be felt instantly, other times the changes are more subtle but over time, there will be an increased power, increased vitality and increased health. There will be greater resourcefulness and ability to deal with what life throws at us and over a period of time and a period of healings, real change can be seen.

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