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Shamanic Healings. Illumination1


This is usually the primary healing that needs to be done before other healings will follow, as well as being integral to other deep healings. Consider the work as "weeding the garden", ahead of planting seeds.

Our chakras get blocked from every day life, as well as storing sadnesses and anxieties and pain. In an illumination, the chakra is cleared out and filled with universal light, so as to bring increased vitality, confidence and freshness of thought. Different attributes will be clearer depending on what chakra is worked on. Over time, resilience and strength will be built up in the chakra so they don't get so blocked so easily, bring an ease in daily living.


We pick up energies, entities into our luminious field or even our bodies during regular activities, some of which can create difficulties - physically, emotionally or energetically in our day to day life. These are removed, the area cleaned of any energy which is not of your own and an illumination and rebalancing and grounding down is carried out.

Shamanic Healings. Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Maybe you are struggling to get over a relationship breakup, or childhood issues, or have lost a job or home? Or you have been in an accident or witnessed one. Or you were bullied and are not able to get over that? Or finding that you have fallen into patterns which are not making your life easy - such as depression, addictions, low self-esteem.

All of these events can bring about what is known in shamanism as Soul Loss. This is the idea that part of our soul can literally leave, leaving behind a sense of emptiness and a feeling that something is missing'. The soul part will do this in order to stay safe and when you are ready, the soul part can be found and returned.

The return of a soul part can come from events in this life or previous lives, and the return of a soul part comes with its own gifts, as well as protection in the form of a power animal from spirit.

Shamanic Counselling

This is a series of five, weekly sessions, where I will teach you some shamanic techniques and you will learn how to connect with your spirit helpers, your allies, in order to gain information and answers to any question that you may have. This is a valuable learning tool which will allow you to become your own divinatory master in life.

Shamanic Healings. Depo


We all pick up attachments of various natures and these energies act as parasites in our world - thus the need to clear them out from time to time.

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