Helix Healings Shaman for South West London

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Reiki Healing

I am a qualified reiki practitioner and have studied traditional Usui Reiki as well as Jikiden Reiki and Shokuden Reiki.

The word Reiki means "Universal Energy" and a Reiki treatment is a whole body healing to balance the energy.

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Sound Healing

I can offer private sound baths, where you can sink into a deep state of relaxation and allow the sound to soothe your soul, or I can use tone to clear the chakras.

Sound healing is a deeply relaxing experience.


To mark an event in life, I will work with you in a simple ceremony. This can be anything from a new job, to a change in a relationship, or if you just want to give thanks or ask for help when undertaking a new adventure.


A full numerology report can be drawn up on receipt of full name from your birth certificate, current name and date of birth. Note : this is for entertainment only.

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