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"Each time I have a treatment from Belinda something shifts in my life, and I am reminded that not everything we struggle with can be remedied on the physical plain. Belinda works with great diligence to bring together a range of techniques that have helped to release me from old ties and to step forwards into my own potential. I tend to take the most tenacious of blockages to Belinda, and each time she pinpoints and unravels events in my lineage that have remained undigested through the generations. She gives practical recommendations to help me to integrate her work, and they also have the added effect of deepening my own self-care practices. I highly recommend going to see Belinda for a treatment!" -- SC, Kent, UK

"Belinda's healing was absolutely beautiful. She felt my pain from afar and gave me an illumination which cleared many old cobwebs and imprints which were blocking my path and let my sun shine brightly again. She allowed me to see the beauty in myself - and in my soul again so I could truly step into my own destiny. She is kind, considerate and a wonderful shaman who has one foot in the real world and one foot in the spiritual. I hugely recommend her for anyone who is looking for a healing. Thank you Belinda." -- PS, Geneva, Switzlerland

"I contacted Belinda because I was feeling deeply out of sorts and could not put my finger on the reason why. My mother aged 92 was now in a nursing home receiving palliative care and at long last looked to find my presence less irksome, no longer left to stand whilst others were offered a seat and a cup of tea.

From early childhood my relationship with my mother could only be termed as difficult, try as I might I just seemed to incite derision and not love. I can honestly say that I cried on reading through Belinda’s healing transcript. I could not believe how accurately she was able to bring forward the mother daughter relationship. But most importantly and without a doubt the crux of the healing for me was that I was given a reason why my mother had held me in the way she had.

The session transcript included a lot of detail as to why my mother had held me in the way she had. It made total sense in reading in that without her negative input into my life I would not have attracted the experiences that I did, and through these experiences have grown to become the woman that I see myself to be today, namely one that I am so proud to be.

I am aware that as I slept that night, I did so more deeply than I had in many weeks, and whilst I was aware that it was a very busy night as a result of continued healing I felt, I awoke the next morning feeling so hopeful, invigorated and stronger in myself! but probably for me most importantly in that I had lost so much emotional baggage I felt lighter and more optimistic than I had in a very long time. My mother’s life lesson being that I am everything I need.

I am still blown away every time I read through Belinda’s healing transcript, there was so much detail! It was uncanny but so very healing because of the detail given, as it showed that Belinda is one truly gifted shamanic practitioner and I sincerely cannot recommend her highly enough.

I have only ever had distant method healing sessions with Belinda, but in truth as I lay quietly in my home in sync with Belinda in hers, and whilst mileage distance was great, I can not imagine that my physical presence would have brought her healing experience any closer. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough and in final closing - What an awesome healing Belinda and thank you so very very much." - JO, Cornwall, UK

"Belinda is a remarkable healer, the way she holds space, finds the root of issues, and communicates messages to you from the other side are beautiful. She is a blessing to work with. I have found since beginning to do session work with her that I am more empowered, more attuned to my own soul, and I feel more joy. Real and true joy deep within myself. Truly I believe Belinda has a gift for bringing a person out of their own cage and right back home to themselves. She does it all right, and maintains a space that enwraps you in light. Thank you Belinda for helping me see the light in myself." LB, Alaska

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